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An in depth analysis of your business is crucial for growth, yet time consuming. Let us do the hard work for you. From operational reviews to acquisitions, we've got you covered.

Workflows & Automation

  • Practical & Concise documentation that is useful for the agency

  • Automating as much as possible

  • Servicing and documentation requirements

  • Reporting requirements

  • Follow through and auditing to ensure your process is being used

Direct Bill Commission Download

  • Recording

System Auditing & Data Cleanup

  • Recording

Staff Training

  • Recording

Implementing Integragtions

  • Applied Analytics

  • CSR24

  • Applied Mobile

We help agencies understand where they excel, where they have challenges, and how to overcome those challenges. We focus on two aspects, sitting down with staff to understand the resources and processes at the agency as well as reviewing the data within the management system. Our ability to extract information from the management system and present it in a meaningful way, along with listening to the staff and reading between the lines is what separates us from rest. 

While the management system plays a major role in operational reviews, we evaluate all of the operational items and processes that an agency has and help them to become more efficient and better manage their processes. 

The steps above are also utilized to assist agencies with growth goals and/or issues. Establishing a solid foundation and sound processes are the keys to effective growth. 

What's Your

Growth Plan?

What are your challenges?

How are you performing?

Operational Assessment
Center Gradient Transparent

operational assessment

are you optimizing your management system?

how can you automate more?

which system is right for you?

We're often brought in to assist agencies in two areas:

  • Evaluation of their current management system and how well they're using it

  • Evaluation/Comparison of a new management system(s) as they're potentially looking to make a change


We've worked with more than 20 different management system vendors through various projects and have a full understanding of the major platforms (Applied Epic, Applied TAM & AMS360). We also are among a small group who have won Applied's Pinnacle Award, given to a handful of their best partners and clients each year. Because of this, we can provide a level of knowledge and comparison to our clients that most can't.

Your agency management system is the single most important tool in your business. We firmly believe this and assist you in maximizing your system's effectiveness. 

Management System Review
Center Gradient Transparent

Management system reviews

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