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Epic Admin is a service that provides the focus on your management system and your agency, at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff. We are an extension of your agency that take system responsibilities off of you and your service staff, while at the same time improving how you use Epic and the data within it.

The most successful agencies place a focus on their management system and its optimization.
Many, however, don't have the resources or the expertise to do this. We can help!

We focus on your management system so you can focus on your agency.

We take the processing & admin tasks off your hands

  • All downloads & suspense

  • Commission/billing input & reporting

  • Security review, permissions & changes

  • Requested reports

  • All back end changes and support requests

  • User locks, resets & assistance

  • Setup & management of users, companies, brokers and vendors

We improve your ability to track and measure

  • Advanced and high level reporting tailored to your agency. 

  • Optimize and automate distribution of the reports 

  • Includes standard set of customized reports:

    • Expiration​

    • Book of Business

    • New Business & Re-write

    • Cancellation/Non-Renewal

    • Audit & Exception (Data Quality)

    • Financial

We Optimize Epic for Your Agency

  • We understand how your agency is using Epic and identify key areas that you're not taking advantage of

  • Identify data quality issues that can negatively impact reporting, renewal processing, client communications, employee efficiency, etc.

  • Configure EPIC controls to minimize opportunity for errors

  • Distribute reports to users to self-correct errors, minimizing supervisory involvement allowing for management by exception

we help your agency


  • ​As your agency grows, we grow with it. We provide guidance for growth and scale with you so that your management system is always driving your agency's growth. 

  • Routine meetings focused on your agency's goals. We leverage our industry experience and knowledge within Epic to support and drive your business goals.

  • Assistance with new functionality, integrations and projects

  • Review of new releases/updates (often very lengthy) specific to your agency 

so, How does this work?

Essentially, you are outsourcing a very specific need that every agency has: managing Epic.

We become an extension of your agency and a partner in your growth.


Fixed Monthly Cost

  • You have one fixed monthly cost for all of the services above

  • Pricing is determined by size of agency and its needs.

  • Discounted rates for future projects (things not falling in the scope of Epic Admin like conversions, acquisitions, book rolls, etc.)

  • Multiple payment methods for added flexibility


 We Integrate with You

  • Typically completed first month

  • We learn about your agency and use of Epic

  • We develop a "plan of attack" with recommendations to begin optimizing Epic for your agency

  • We handle setup and integration outlined in our "plan of attack"

  • We create a personalized Agency Portal for your agency to be used in collaboration and central source of Epic information for your agency. 

Click here to view a sample Epic Admin Portal

Month to Month:

We Lead the way!

  • Typically begins second month

  • We handle all Epic processing needs and requests (you forget about it)

  • We work with your staff to improve data and optimize Epic

  • We're providing meaningful reports so that you can better manage the agency

  • Regular meetings to ensure we are both in sync with the direction and objectives of the agency

We improve your agency's ability to execute on a level like never before

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