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Services aimed to optimize your investment

Your Agency Management System is often one of the top 3 expenses on your income statement. Let us help you optimize Epic so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. 

we save you time & money by improving:






We handle all system conversions to Applied EPIC. We've worked with the major vendors (Applied Systems & Vertafore) and most of the management system platforms in the industry. Our intricate knowledge within Epic allows us to assist your agency through every step of the conversion project.


We are a strategic partner in your agency's transition to Epic and get involved in all aspects of the project including: 

  • Strategy and direction

  • Data review and cleanup

  • Epic setup and customization

  • Accounting Transition

  • Reporting

  • Go-Live and Post-Live Support



We create attractive and highly customized reports in Applied Epic that are second to none (and we mean that). Our industry experience and analytical background help us to present information to you that is meaningful. 


Reporting is one of the most powerful areas within Epic, but it's also very complex for most agencies. From the level of detail and customization to the automation, we help you better manage your agency. 

Types of Reports include:

  • Financial Reports

  • Production Reports

  • Sales & Marketing Reports

  • Management Reports

  • Workflow Auditing Reports

  • Exception & Data Quality Reports


We create and automate highly customized deliverables that help maintain a consistent branding approach for your agency, while at the same time, ​saving your service staff hours. 

These items include:

  • Proposals

  • Templates & Form Letters

  • Summaries of Insurance

  • Applications

All of the items above are critical within your process. Your service staff needs these items optimized to better represent your agency and serve your clients. We can help you accomplish that!



One of the most unique aspects within Epic, custom forms allows your agency to custom build policy detail screens for Non-ACORD or specialty lines of business, including Supplemental Apps.


We emphasize usability and automation and assist with the following:

  • Creation

  • Revisions & Improvements 

  • Customized Applications

  • Integration with deliverables such as proposals, summaries of insurance, form letters, etc. 



Process is important! Most agencies, however, fall short on actually optimizing their management system, or they've got processes that sit on a shelf for years without being touched. 


We don't hand you a workbook and ask for a check! We have a practical approach that focuses on automation within Epic. We work with your agency to understand your requirements from a servicing, E&O, and reporting standpoint, and build the process in Epic with you. 

Our workflows focus on the following:

  • Practical and concise documentation that is useful for the agency

  • Automating as much in Epic as possible

  • Servicing and Documentation requirements

  • Reporting Requirements

  • Follow through and auditing to ensure your process is being used


Whether or not you're utilizing the full accounting functionality in Epic, Direct Bill Commission Download (DBCD) is a huge asset to the management of your agency. The efficiencies and accuracy that can be gained for revenue management and producer payables is incredible. 

We can help with the setup and/or management of this process for your agency including:

  • Carrier requests & setup
  • Epic download setup
  • Epic commission and reporting setup
  • Training
  • We can also take over the management of this whole process for you on a recurring basis!

If your agency has direct bill business and is not taking advantage of this yet, you need to!


We assist a number of agencies with individual projects and integrations because there's a lot to consider when integrating technologies. Examples include:

  • Importing & exporting data

  • Email, scanning, faxing setup & integration

  • CSR24 setup & integration with Applied EPIC

  • Applied Mobile & Applied Analytics setup and integration with Applied EPIC

  • Third Party technology solutions

​A dedicated resource to help you manage your biggest tool at a fixed monthly cost. 

  • All download & Suspense Processing

  • All Commission Processing

  • Report Creation & Management

  • System Configuration, Enhancements & Optimization 

  • Data Quality Management

  • New Release Management

  • Focused meetings on your agency's growth


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